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Champcar Race at Portland : 1st A.J. Allmendinger, 2nd J.Wilson , 3rd S.Bourdais

The 74th 24h of Le Mans 2006 are history and it was made history with a new distance record of 380 laps for the latest circuit configuration. After the succesful 12h of Sebring Audi brought both R10 Diesel cars on the Podium. #8 driven by Pirro/Biela/Werner wins the 24h of Le Mans in front of the #17 Pescarolo driven by Loeb/Montagny/Helary. On 3rd position is the #7 R10 driven by Kristensen/McNish/Capello. The battle in GT1 and 4th pos. overall goes to the #64 Vette driven by Gavin/Beretta/Magnussen. The 1st 4 GT1 are still better than the first LMP2 on pos. 9. The GT2 class is won by the #81 Panoz driven by Kimber-Smith/Dean/Tomlinson on pos. 15. After all Audi wrote history and all congratulations going to em .

Less than 1h to go. The Audi #8 is still on top position, followed by the #17 Pescarolo. "The troubles of the last hour" just have started. The leading GT2 Porsche lost almost all of its lead and is in the same lap with 2nd placed Panoz now. Looks like a good battle in this class now.

With 2 hours to go at Le Mans 2006 the #8 Audi still leads the #17 Pescarolo by 4 laps. The "king of Le Mans" Tom Kristensen in the #7 is currently 12 Laps down on 3rd position.

The 24h of the Nürburgring 2006 ends with a new distance record at over 3800km (2361 miles) and 150 laps mainly caused by a full dry weather. No single rain drop was sighted. The #28 Porsche 911 GT3 driven by Luhr/Bernhard/Rockenfeller/Tiemann wins the race with 1 lap in front of the #2 Porsche GT3 driven by J. Alzen/U.Alzen/K.Ludwig/C.Abt

With 2.5 hours to go at Le Mans the leading GT1 #009 Aston Martin had to pit longer and lost its lead to the #65 Vette and to its sister car #007. Luc Alphand on the 2004 Sarthe winner a Vette C5 sneaked to 3rd position in GT1 class

The 24h of the Nürburgring 2006 on the way into its last hour. Currently the #28 Porsche 911 GT3 leads with 2 laps over the #2 Porsche GT3

4 hours to go , #8 Audi still leads the Pescarolo #17 by 4 laps now.

3/4th of the distance are done but still 6 long hours to go. The #8 Audi put the gap to the #17 Pescarolo to 4 laps. Audi #7 down with 13 laps. The GT1 battle is currently led by the #009 Aston Martin with a lap to the #64 Corvette CR6. Both running in 4th and 5th position.

Race at half-distance , 12h or 188 laps, now. The #8 Audi R10 still leads but already had the first few troubles (gearbox) in front of the #17 Pescarolo with 2 laps. Currently on 3rd is the #14 Racing For Holland 7 laps down. The #7 Audi with Tom Kristensen is 9 laps down at the moment.

After 7h still lthe #8 Audi R10 leads the #17 Pescarolo by about one and a half lap.


Some minutes more than 6h are done . It still leads the #8 R10. Its sister car #8 is down by 6 laps. In 2nd Position is the #17 Pescarolo. The #16 Pescarolo lost ground after some electrical trouble.

3:30 are done and the #7 Audi is in trouble again. Currently the mechanics working on the engine. #8 Audi leads now

After just 17 minutes of racing we have the first safety car phase caused by the #68 BMS Scuderia Ferrari Aston Martin driven by Fabio Babini

The 24 hours of Le Mans 2006 are underway. At the moment both R10's seem to get away from the Pescarolos

The 24 hours of the Nürburgring 2006 are underway. Over 210 (!) cars started the race on a combination of the GP-circuit without the inner "Haugg"-Loop and the Nordschleife.

The Warm-Up at Le Mans started with some trouble for Audi. The #7 Audi R10 driven by Allan McNish went very slow around the circuit. McNish brought the car to the pits in 8:34 minutes though. It seems to be a gear/gearbox problem. #8 Audi R10 brought to top position by Frank Biela in Warm-Up with a 3:33.946 followed by the #16 Pescarolo with a 3:34:265 and the #17 Pescarolo with a 3:36:354


Midnight central european time and chequered flag for session 4. The Le Mans Pole 2006 goes to Audi R10 #7 with Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello, Allan McNish in front of the Audi R10 #8 with Frank Biela, Marco Werner, Emmanuele Pirro. 3rd and 4th places going to both Pescarolos. Next Le Mans news Saturday morning after the Warm-Up


#17 Pescarolo infront of the #7 & #8 Audi R10 with just 0.037 seconds in qualifying session 3 at Le Mans.


The first two qualifying sessions at Le Mans 2006 are done. Currently both Pescarolos leading the two Audi R10 Diesel. Capello in the #7 Audi had a crash with thirty minutes to go in part two of session one under very wet track conditions in the dark.

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