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56th Windsor Arch Macau Grand Prix 2009






Macau Motorcycle GP                         

Top 5 result:                                                         

1.       1 Stuart EASTON GBR Hydrex IGT Honda 36:50.910 15 149.47

2.      4 Conor CUMMINS IOM PBM Kawasaki WSBK Team 36:51.291 15 0.381 149.45

3.      8 Ian HUTCHINSON GBR PBM Kawasaki WSBK Team 37:00.702 15 9.792 148.81

4.      69 Gary JOHNSON GBR A.I.M. Racing 37:06.508 15 15.598 148.43

5.      13 Rico PENZKOFER GER BMW Macau Racing Team 37:15.519 15 24.609 147.83

43rd Macau Motorcycle GP , 21st November 2009


The first start became red flagged after a good half of the starting lap due to a wrong starting procedure.

On the restart Stuart Easton uses his pole position and quickly builds up a 6sec lead over the field. Manxman Conor Cummins starts one hell of ride to get back close to Stuart Easton. Meanwhile German Rico Penzkofer fights with Ian Hutchinson and Gary Johnson for the podium. At around half of the race Cummins is back in a 3 sec distance to Easton while Penzkofer lets Johnson and Hutchinson go for 3rd. The positions between Johnson and Hutchinson changing a few times until Hutchinson finally gets away and clinches 3rd position.


Away from all the midfield battles Conor Cummins nagged down the gap to Easton and leads into final lap. But Easton fights back and takes the top position back at Lisboa. Cummins tries hard but gets dropped back while lapping a slower rider on the way to Melco Hairpin. At Melco the same happens again and Easton gets some distance between him and Cummins.
Cummins tries hard again but is too far down at Fishermen`s and so Easton clinches victory in the 43rd Macau Motorcycle GP.


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© 2009 André Dürkop









FIA-WTCC Race 1                              

Top 5 result:                                                           

  1. 11 Robert HUFF GBR Chevrolet Cruze 23:02.627 9 143.41                                                    
  2. 2 Gabriele TARQUINI ITA SEAT Leon TDI 23:10.579 9 7.952 142.59                                          
  3. 4 Jordi GENE ESP SEAT Leon TDI 23:11.623  9 8.996 142.48                                                              
  4. 12 Alain MENU SUI Chevrolet Cruze 23:12.955   9 10.328 142.35                                                         
  5. 1 Yvan MULLER FRA SEAT Leon TDI 23:16.161 9 13.534 142.02                                        

FIA-WTCC Race 1 – Macau , 22nd November 2009-11-22


Rob Huff could make the most out of his pole position and drove to a start/finish victory because of team tactical decisions behind him.


The rolling start to the race was rather uneventful except for Andy Priaulx who had wall contact on the outside of Mandarin corner. Gabriele Tarquini managed to get up to 3rd position behind Tiago Monteiro on the run down to Lisboa Bend with Jordi Gene shielding both from the following BMW’s of Jörg Müller and Augusto Farfus. 


The race from there on went rather calm without much incidents. Only Jörg Müller lead team mate Augusto Farfus slip through for 5th position in 3rd lap.The team tactical action started in lap 8 when Monteiro suddenly pulled aside and waved Gabriele Tarquini and Jordi Gene through and tried a fall back to 8th position. Now BMW reacted and called Farfus as well as Jörg Müller back to 7th and 8th positions in order to catch pole position and 2nd for the standing start in race 2. Yvan Müller claimed 5th position through all this ahead of him which kept his chances in the title fight with Tarquini in race 2 alive.

Rob Huff  (Chevrolet) won the this team tactical race ahead of Gabriele Tarquini (SEAT) and Marc Gene (SEAT). Tom Coronel was able to clinch first position in the independents trophy leaving Felix Porteiro only theoretic chances to win the trophy in race 2.


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© 2009 André Dürkop





FIA-WTCC Race 2                              

Top 5 Result:                                                           

  1. 8 Augusto FARFUS BRA BMW 320si 22:20.166 7 115.07                                                    
  2. 7 Jorg MULLER GER BMW 320si 22:20.967 7 0.801 115.01                                                              
  3. 1 Yvan MULLER FRA SEAT Leon TDI 22:21.367 7 1.201 114.97                                          
  4. 5 Tiago MONTEIRO POR SEAT Leon TDI 22:22.146 7 1.980 114.90                                           
  5. 2 Gabriele TARQUINI ITA SEAT Leon TDI 22:23.981 7 3.815 114.75                                          


FIA-WTCC Race 2 – Macau , 22nd November 2009-11-22


Race 2 started rather calm too. Farfus made the most from pole position while Jörg Müller backed Farfus off and defended his position to Yvan Muller. Gabriele Tarquini lost a position and Rob Huff returned slightly damaged from lap 1. But there was no bigger incident.


In lap 3 Poulsen spins off into the tire wall at Lisboa Bend while Tom Boardman collides with Tom Coronel a bit later in the lap, causing a safety car. Due to WTCC regulations the race became expanded with two more laps. In lap 4 Alain Menu enters the pits to repair damages and is joined by Tom Coronel in lap still behind the safety car. Meanwhile Tarquini climbed up to 6th position. Coronel has to end his race in the pits while Menu rejoins the race.


Lap 7 sees the restart where Marc Gene (SEAT) waves Gabriele Tarquini (SEAT) through to 5th position. In lap 8 Alessandro Zanardi pushes Nicola Larina into the tirewall at Lisboa Bend and ends his race in the emergency exit in the same location.

On the way into lap 9 Felix Porteiro looses his BMW in the last corner to start/finish. Franz Engstler has no chance to get away and hits Porteiro. Even though double waved yellows been out imediatly Andre Couto comes way too fast into the place and hits Engstler hard. The race becomes red flagged at this point and discussions behind the scenes started weather the race should be continued with some sort of supersprint.

The reamaining field gets collected up at start/finish area and halted there. Franz Engstler could escape his wreck by himself but is transported to hospital as well as Felix Porteiro.With Porteiros accident Tom Coronel has won the Independents trophy at that stage.


Then race control calls it a day and doesn’t restart the race. This serves Gabriele Tarquini the driver championship as the oldest world champion in car racing of all time as well as SEAT the manufacturer title. On the podium for race 2 Farfus, Jörg Müller and Yvan Muller are joined by Felix Porteiro who cannot attend the ceremony since he is on his way to hospital and Dr. Mario Theissen for BMW. After the winners ceremony is over Gabriele Tarquini and Jaime Puig join Yvan Muller on the podium and celebrate SEATs overall victory


Full results can be found at


© 2009 André Dürkop




F3 Grand Prix                                        

Top 5 Result:                                                           

  1. 16 VW Edoardo MORTARA ITA Signature 53:07.769 15 103.67                                                  
  2. 14 VW Jean-Karl VERNAY FRA Signature 53:08.915 15 1.146 103.63                                        
  3. 5 MB Sam BIRD GBR ART Grand Prix         53:18.751 15 10.982 103.31                                      
  4. 1 T Marcus ERICSSON SWE Tom's 53:22.757 15 14.988 103.18                                                       
  5. 4 MB Valtteri BOTTAS FIN ART Grand Prix 53:26.957 15 19.188 103.05                                      


56th  FIA Formula 3 International Cup – Macau F3 Grand Prix, November 22nd 2009


The race started with an accident at Lisboa Bend and the race becomes red flagged. Eduardo Mortara leads Vernay, Bottas and Ericsson back to start/finish where the field is stopped.


At the restart Jean-Karl Vernay overtakes teammate Mortara and both can get away from Bottas. Ericsson can’t go Bottas’ speed and gets under pressure from Sam Bird.

Meanwhile Vernay and Mortara push each other to another record lap and they get away further from Bottas. For some laps it looks like Mortara isn’t close enough behind Vernay to try the overtaking maneuver but in lap 12 could close the gap and takes the lead back in the braking zone to Lisboa bend. Vernay can’t follow anymore and Sam Bird overtakes Ericsson for forth position.

Mortara crosses start/finish line around 1.2 secs ahead of the Macau rookieVernay which makes Mortara the 6th winner for VW overall and only the 2nd after Michael Schumacher in 1990. It is the first win for Mortara in the third try amd he captures the F3 lap record with a 2:10.732 .

Bottas makes a mistake in the last lap and only finishes fifth allowing Sam Bird to take up the remaining podium position. Marcus Ericsson follows in 4th place.


Full results can be found at


© 2009 André Dürkop



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