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Works to include my motorsport photos account of Roadrunners Photography into this space has started


I have decided to change my website. As some of you may know, I am a huge race fan and have started to write articles related to all sorts of motorsport on several boards & forums. Since I live more or less close to the VW capital Wolfsburg I usually get good newspaper coverage of VW related motorsport and have delivered quite a couple of translations of these newspaper articles at various boards & forums too. I want to re-design this place to host my work so far as well as forth coming motorsport events. If there should be some demand of my SCGT work and the files I formerly stored here, please let me know at admin[at] so I can arrange a small download page.


Happy Easter SCGT fans :). I have placed an easter egg on my site, if you like you can go and search for it ;)


Doc Austin sent me night racing files for Ring Djursland. You´ll find em in Miscellaneous section. From the email he wrote me he made some changes to the pitlane too. His files will overwrite the originals. Thank you


New files added to Miscellaneous page. Mallory V1.001, Snetterton V1.001 & Croft V1.001 are containing backmarker signs which act like SCGT signs now. No plain 'pass through' no more. Just SCN edits have been needed.


Added a guestbook to the page. Feel free to leave comments there.


Here is my latest addition. It is an Addon to TheBIGG & Matt Lucas' Croft circuit. I learned to love the short Croft circuit as a Test & Practice facility in GPL and added it to SCGT now too. The Circuit requires the original Croft circuit to be installed for the Crodmap.mas file. I had to work on the mesh so ive put a new Crod.mas together which will overwrite the original Crod.mas . Other than that ENJOY !!!


After a bit more than 3 years and after various beta files the GPL conversion of Ring Djursland is finally done. The original GPL circuit was made by Anton Norup Sorensen and he granted permission in April, 2003. For further details on the circuit and some sweet pictures you may visit Anton's Ring Djursland page


I have added 2 new Barcelona layouts. I have added the hairpin, some of you may know from the F1 Grand Prix to Sean Staffords Circuit De Catalunya and to my Barcelona National Addon. For additional info please read the readme.


I made some progress on Eurospeedways Outer Oval. It aint in a condition to be beta released yet so enjoy that screenshot


Replaced Lausitz beta 0.2 with Lausitz beta 0.3. Next steps will be the outer oval and doing curbs :)


Replaced Lausitz beta 0.1 with Lausitz beta 0.2. The basic Infield exists now as both Oval and Infield standalone but still need some work such as the pit entry(motorcycle circuit shortcut) and curbs all around the circuit. Old files will be overwritten !!!


Replaced Lausitz beta 0.1 with revised Lausitz beta 0.1.1. For recent changes look into the readme. Old files will be overwritten !!!


Added the first beta of "The Real" Eurospeedway Lausitz. It comes with the real 5° banking now. Known Issues : Too bumpy yet , but with a pretty soft setup driveable. It is just the road and the pits yet. When you try it you only can start it in race mode and with a max. of 1 opponent because there doesnt exist pits yet. Also you should make sure to set the game to "Timed Race" only. Next stages will be adding the infield and the outer (test) oval with its 2 43° bankings before I'll add the facilities.


Added a little tutorial on how to and where to place the default mirror in dash view. Since there are a lot different dashes around i havent included advise on where to place the mirror. If you use Stevenpchurches Dashman Utility this little guide is pretty handy as well as if you like experimentating with this setting. It can be found in misc. files


Added some more files. First off, there is BillB´s Multidat Tutorial. Not much recognized, it provides a very nice method to do a mod inside SCGT folder and allows to even play with changed AIWS & SCNS. 2 more files from Guinessboxter: The 1551+Patch and the tool Exelab. Exelab allows to look up car-classes and some other files belonging to an exe. Just drop it into your main SCGT root. Last file added is Spa-Francorchamps 1967, which Guinessboxter and I did together


Guinessboxter allowed me to post 2 of his little tools. The 1st one is Duplicator V3 meant to duplicate and bring TSO to their destination. It´s a great help in converting GPL-circuits. More Infos to it you can find in the Racesimcentral SCGT Forum. The second tool, Camgen, is pretty nice. Do an AIW file but at the CAM-Locations and get the path from it. Run the mgp-file through Camgen and it writes you your cams. You have to edit other settings manually though.


Guinessboxter sent me a brand new version of Anderstorps AIW and IT ROCKS. You can grab it at Misc-Section. Simply unrar to your SCGT/DAT Folder if you have Anderstorp (SGPD) installed


I have added the missing file which caused the "Insert CD Prob" along with Wulli´s ETCC 2003 Set in Misc-File section


Welcome back to my small site on its relive again. As you can see I have deleted the german-language section. things changing , Jack will still be "my" host though each release directly links to my section at his site. Thanks for hosting . The site is intended for fixes and updates i made. You can find em in misc section to not have to download an updated track again but the updates/addons. As goodies for release-day you find 2 new circuits, although they are updates to Sean Staffords Circuit De Catalunya (Barcelona). You must have it installed before using the 2 addons. I also made 2 AIW updates for Anderstorp and Mosport 1967 which you can find here. I recognized one funny thing with the Anderstorp update when i had it done. I released the circuit exactly 2 years before, at the same date. Anyways , have fun and take care. Cheers


I have the beta of Bridgehampton ready. Permission request is sent too. I have to do one model, the sky ,the pitlaine aiw and welding a few bits. Other than that it is a real blow :D


The planning help for creating single objects in Modellers Garage is delayed for now. I have the german version ready, it needs to be translated now. I want to upload both, the german and the english version once. because of that it will take longer


Shawn (Caseye21) sent me the replaymanager file for Riverside. I added it to Miscellaneous section and to the track-zip, too. Thank you, Shawn


Shawn (Caseye21) sent me a fix for Riverside in order to let the track work properly with the replaymanager. I fixed the showing up twice in trackmanager too. Thank you for the hint Wity. Anyways the updated file is up now.

Added my powerpoint project from technician school. It is a presentation about the Riverside International Raceway. You can find it in Miscellaneous section


Today I gave the old Monza 10km circuit (oval and gp circuit) another try. This time I´m going to do it from scratch. I found some things out about modellers garage the last days that will allow me to do so.

I did these days a planning help for single objects and maybe aiws too. The planning help will allow you to draw your object in a coordinate system in 3D-view. This will give you coordinates for each vertex and you are able then to use modellers garage "add vertex" and "add polygon" - functions for your object. I will add the zip-file later to miscellaneous section


I started these days to convert Bridgehampton from Grand Prix Legends and today Augusta International Raceway from scratch

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